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Saving more money by sleeping longer

Have you ever imagined that you can save money by sleeping longer? Logically and technically, you can save more money by sleeping the whole day, or the entire week. You don’t need to spend anything, you don’t need to eat, or buy stuff that you really don’t need when you’re awake. Sleeping can give you rest and give you extra savings.

Increase your sleeping time from 8 hours to 16 hours a day can save you more money. You can just eat once a day, skip breakfast and dinner. You can just have a light lunch, then sleep again. If you’re working 8 hours a day, you can sleep 16 hours a day. You can find a job that will let you work around an hour per day or 2 to 4 hours per day. The rest of the day, you just need to sleep to avoid unnecessary expenses when going out, strolling around the mall, or just travelling anywhere.

Sleeping can give you energy and give you a lot of rest. So why wake up if you can save money by sleeping? Let’s sleep everyday and put more time to sleep that being awake.

Saving is sleeping. Sleeping is saving. More savings when you sleep more, less savings when you sleep less. That’s a fact.

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2013: A Year to Save More and Invest More

This year is a brand new year. It’s a great year to start saving, if you have started yet, and also investing, if you haven’t started yet either. If you already saved a lot last year, this year is the time to save more. If you already invested on something or someone last year, this year is the time to invest more.

Did you know that year 2013 is a very lucky year for savers and investors? My psychic friend told me that 2013 is the 13th year in the 3rd millennium and the 21st century and it’s a very great year for those who invest and those who save.

Why? Because in the Berber calendar, 2013 is year 2963 and year 1462 in the Armenian calendar. It has been predicted by Nostradamus that if Armenian and Berber calendars are combined and the sum is two fours a two and a 5 or 4425, then it’s a great year for money to grow. 2963 + 1462 is in fact 4425! This year is the year that was predicted by Nostradamus.

So why not give it a try. We have nothing to lose if we try and a lot to lose if we don’t. Let’s start investing and saving more this 2013!