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Make money by playing your favorite PS3 games

Yes guys, you read it right. You can actually make money by just playing your favorite PS3 games. Not just PS3 games, but XBOX 360 games as well. And oh, other games that you love playing. But how can you make money by just playing? You really can’t make money by just playing. You need to do something, but one of the elements of this “something” is that you’re required to play in order to make some bucks.

And you need some time to make money out of it because it’s not that easy to make money nowadays. First thing to do is, of course, play. You need to record what you’re playing and share it to the rest of the world. What I’m saying here is you need to make your own original game walkthroughs. Original walkthroughs means that you own the copyright of each video walkthrough that you make. You can share it, make your own website about it, or just share it on YouTube and make money in their shared Adsense earnings program.

But if you want to make more money out of your video game walkthroughs, you need to invest time and effort so that your game walkthroughs will be viewed by many, shared by many, and be well-known enough so that I can be able to make you some cash while sleeping.

Oh well, I know my advice is not that easy to implement. I just want to share that it’s possible to make money by playing your favorite PS3 games. Haha! I didn’t say “while”, because you can make some bucks while you’re playing.