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Enjoying my spanking new Galaxy S II

This is one of the hottest phones today and I know this is not the newest phone this month, but I’m saving for it for a few months now and I finally had my hands on this amazing Android phone. Now I can browse faster, watch movies clearer, and enjoy more awesome Android goodness.

I don’t have any apps right now in this phone. I’m just actually using it for web browsing and updating this blog. Yep, I’m writing this post using my Galaxy S II. I’m not used to it, but I’ll get used to it as long as I’m using this everyday.

This is a great device for blogging on the go. I can take pictures and upload it to my Facebook account. I can listen to my favorite music while playing my favorite Android games. I can do a lot of stuff and it never hangs. This phone never disappoints me. The only problem I have with this phone is its battery. It drains really fast! I can only use it for 5 hours straight which is really disappointing. I think I need to replace my battery. Something’s really wrong with its power.

Anyway, if I’m not using it straight for 5 hours, it lasts a day. If you’re only using it to update your Facebook status, call for a few minutes, and send e-mails, you can use it for a day. But If you’re a heavy user, gamer, and music lover, it will drain quickly. Better get an iPod if you want to listen to music all day long.