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Going back to Singapore Tomorrow!

Hello guys! It’s Christmas once again! I’m packing right now because my uncle and my cousins and I are going back to Singapore to spend time with other Uncle. This time, we’ll not be staying in Marina Bay Sands, but we’ll be staying in my Uncle’s house. No, not my uncle Tom, my uncle Ted who’s a doctor at the National University Hospital in Singapore. Yep, he has been working there for 5 years now.

So, gonna list the things to bring and re-check before I forget my charger again. I have my camera, my lenses, my phone, my laptop, my ipad, pocket money, credit cards, emergency money, 5 shirts, 5 shorts, shoes, sandals, moleskin, toothbrush, under garments, glasses, charger, and… I think that’s all.

Gonna have my Singapore vacation again! See you next year guys! Advance Happy New year!


It’s December! It’s Christmas once again!

It’s December and it’s Christmas once again. People are saying Merry Christas to each other. My cousins and uncle are going to visit me again and we’re going to Singapore for a short vacation. Wow, I’m excited to go back to Singapore for a shirt trip. We’ll be there in 1 week and we’ll check in at the Marina Bay Sands!

Oh, that newly built luxury hotel is like a dream. There’s an infinity pool on the rooftop, and it’s really really high. You can see all of Singapore when you’re up there!

I’m excited to celebrate new year in Singapore. I’ll be back blogging again next year! Advance Happy New year everyone!


O holy night, the stars are brightly shining!

This is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth. It’s December once again and this is the first December of my FinancialJerk blog! Wow wow wow! I just love December! Did you know that my title is a song? Yep, if you haven’t heard of that song, then you must be living in Pluto! If it’s ever possible to live there. Or… you have a comma for so many years and you just knew how to read because… I don’t know. It’s on the genes? Hahaha!

O Holy Night or Cantique de Noël is a prominent Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847. So who is Adolphe Adam? Mr. Adam was a French composer and music critic. Mr. Adam is best known today for his ballets Giselle and Le corsaire. He’s also famous for his operas entitled Le postillon de Lonjumeau, Le toréador, and Si j’étais roi. Si j’étais roi is his finest work. I didn’t hear it or witnessed it, I just read somewhere that it’s his finest work. And of course, O Holy night!

Hmmmm? Should I share more about him? You can just Google his name and read more about Adolphe Adam. He is just an awesome composer!

I’ll be blogging again next year! That’s all for now! Merry Christmas to everyone!