It’s has been a long long time and the year will almost end again…

Oh crap, I almost forgot that I have a blog. I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog for so long since July 2012. I’ve been busy both online and offline, but I really forgot about this blog. Good thing while I was browsing my e-mail I read this e-mail from Godaddy that I registered Now, I’m happy that I’m here, blogging in my suppose-to-be finance blog, but turned into a personal blog.

I haven’t blogged a lot of things lately. A lot of things happened here in Singapore and in my hometown. A lot of things happened in the entire world. A lot of things happened to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and other planets, but we don’t have an idea what happened there and we really don’t give a damn about what happens to another planet, other than our planet called Earth.

Do you think that there are other planets out there just like ours? If you’re curious enough, then you’ll assume that we’re not alone. But if you don’t really care about anything at all, I guess you think that the world isn’t round at all.

Ooops… I’m talking gibberish again. I’ll update my blog from time to time and I will do my best to keep this blog updated so that this blog will continue breathing. Haha!

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