How to get away from Credit Card debt if you don’t have money to pay?

This is the question that a lot of people, specially does who have huge credit card debts, are asking. The answer to the question above is brilliantly easy. All you need to do is do nothing. Yes, you’ve read it right. You can get away from debt if you forget about your debt.

Once you forget about it and no longer remember it even if you try to think about it, then you’re debt free. Why? Because you no longer remember you debt. Only people, banks, or agencies where you own money remembers your debt, but you yourself don’t.

What if they keep on insisting that you should pay your credit card debts and threatened you that they will sue you in case you will not settle your bills. No need to worry, they can do nothing as long as you didn’t sign a payment agreement with them or signed any post-dated checks for them.

To completely stay away from your credit card debts, change your number, change your address, move to another rural place or any far-flung remote area where there is no phone, no internet connection, no communication to the modern world. Live like Adam and Eve, live like there’s no tomorrow, live like it’s paradise! Hahahaha!

Achieving a level of higher education is a great way to avoid accumulation of credit card debt. Learn ways to protect yourself from debt and put yourself on a path to professional success by taking courses in one of Scranton University’s Online Business Programs and Specializations.

That’s the last resort if you cannot pay your debt. Be worry free and stay happy!


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    Wow, never knew I could do that. Goodbye world!

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    Meee tooo! 😀 hahaha!

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