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How to remove the malware

If you’re infected with this malware and you can’t find where the heck is it in your WordPress blog, then you can thank me as I found a very useful script to scan all your WP files and detect where are these malwares in your blog. You can’t find it anywhere in your theme files, if you scan your site and view the source code, you can’t locate it.
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Repairing a Severely Corrupted and Physically Unrepairable MySQL table

Yes genius, you’ve read it right. In this post, I’ll be writing about repairing a severely corrupted and physically unrepairable MySQL table. This is specific table is impossible to repair as you’ve tried all ways to repair it via SSH and cPanel using the Repair Database wizard or the myisamchk -r SSH command, but it always fail.

Once you’ve tried everything you can and you tested all ways that you found in Google from page 1 to 100, you will definitely lose hope and accept that fact that only magic or a miracle can repair a severely corrupted table.
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Gmail Tap alternatives for Android & iOS, and the Morse Keyboard

Too bad, after I clicked download Gmail Tap at, it says: “Oops! Gmail Tap is a bit too popular right now. We suggest you try downloading it again next year”. But there’s a retry button so I clicked retry and it says that “Still trying to download Gmail Tap? Check back next April 1st to see if it is available…you never know.” So I wasn’t able to try out the amazing Gmail Tap. We all know that it’s an April Fools’ Joke, but it’s quite brilliant. This is perfect for Morse Code enthusiasts like me. You can send messages using Morse Code and improve yung Morse Code skills using this amazing app.
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Enjoying my spanking new Galaxy S II

This is one of the hottest phones today and I know this is not the newest phone this month, but I’m saving for it for a few months now and I finally had my hands on this amazing Android phone. Now I can browse faster, watch movies clearer, and enjoy more awesome Android goodness.

I don’t have any apps right now in this phone. I’m just actually using it for web browsing and updating this blog. Yep, I’m writing this post using my Galaxy S II. I’m not used to it, but I’ll get used to it as long as I’m using this everyday.

This is a great device for blogging on the go. I can take pictures and upload it to my Facebook account. I can listen to my favorite music while playing my favorite Android games. I can do a lot of stuff and it never hangs. This phone never disappoints me. The only problem I have with this phone is its battery. It drains really fast! I can only use it for 5 hours straight which is really disappointing. I think I need to replace my battery. Something’s really wrong with its power.

Anyway, if I’m not using it straight for 5 hours, it lasts a day. If you’re only using it to update your Facebook status, call for a few minutes, and send e-mails, you can use it for a day. But If you’re a heavy user, gamer, and music lover, it will drain quickly. Better get an iPod if you want to listen to music all day long.

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What to do and where to go?

It’s Valentines month once again and I can’t decide what to do and where to go. Right now, I’m just browsing my favorite websites and Googling a lot of good stuff. And hey, I’ve learned a lot today.

Hmmmm.. What should I share… Aha! Did you know who invented the computer mouse? If you don’t know, his name is Douglas Engelbart. Yep, it’s Mr. Douglas. My good old friend. He invented the awesome computer mouse. A long time ago, it’s really hard to go here and there in the computer monitor, he got bored and he created the computer mouse.

If you want to know more how he did it, just search about Douglas Engelbart and you’ll surely find him online! Yeah!