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The Moscow Kremlin

Just last week, my friends and I visited Moscow, and of course we went to the famous Kremlin. The Kremlin is such a beauty! If you didn’t know what is the Kremlin, it is a historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow.

The Kremlin is situated near the Moskva River, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square and the Alexander Garden. It is the best known of kremlins and includes four palaces, four cathedrals and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. Just like the Malacañang Palace in the Philippines and the White House in the United States.

If you’re planning to visit Moscow someday, you should add Kremlin in your itinerary.

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What to do and where to go?

It’s Valentines month once again and I can’t decide what to do and where to go. Right now, I’m just browsing my favorite websites and Googling a lot of good stuff. And hey, I’ve learned a lot today.

Hmmmm.. What should I share… Aha! Did you know who invented the computer mouse? If you don’t know, his name is Douglas Engelbart. Yep, it’s Mr. Douglas. My good old friend. He invented the awesome computer mouse. A long time ago, it’s really hard to go here and there in the computer monitor, he got bored and he created the computer mouse.

If you want to know more how he did it, just search about Douglas Engelbart and you’ll surely find him online! Yeah!


O holy night, the stars are brightly shining!

This is the night of our dear Saviour’s birth. It’s December once again and this is the first December of my FinancialJerk blog! Wow wow wow! I just love December! Did you know that my title is a song? Yep, if you haven’t heard of that song, then you must be living in Pluto! If it’s ever possible to live there. Or… you have a comma for so many years and you just knew how to read because… I don’t know. It’s on the genes? Hahaha!

O Holy Night or Cantique de Noël is a prominent Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847. So who is Adolphe Adam? Mr. Adam was a French composer and music critic. Mr. Adam is best known today for his ballets Giselle and Le corsaire. He’s also famous for his operas entitled Le postillon de Lonjumeau, Le toréador, and Si j’étais roi. Si j’étais roi is his finest work. I didn’t hear it or witnessed it, I just read somewhere that it’s his finest work. And of course, O Holy night!

Hmmmm? Should I share more about him? You can just Google his name and read more about Adolphe Adam. He is just an awesome composer!

I’ll be blogging again next year! That’s all for now! Merry Christmas to everyone!