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Guess who’s back?

It’s me, the one and only Financial Jerk in the world wide web. I’m a self proclaimed financial geek and bloggers and I really don’t blog about finance, just random not-so-important stuff about myself, and anything that comes into my mind. Just minutes ago, I started a new blog, yes a new blog in this blog, because my database got lost. Good thing I had a backup from 10 months ago and I was able to restore it here. Most of my posts are gone for the past 10 months, that’s why the latest post before this post was last January 2015.

Anyway, I’m back in the blogging world again and I’ll start being a jerk once more! Hell yeah!


A Jerk in git

I’m new to Git and I’m having fun using it. Recently I encountered a git push out of memory problem and I’m pretty pissed off because I don’t know what to do. I tried pushing and pushing it again, but no can do. I also tried to create a new repo and then copied all my files to the folder, then tried to push the repo again to my Bitbucket account, but still, it’s out of memory.

Good thing I found that post that I linked above and it solved my problem. There was just one zipped file that has a 2GB size. I just removed it and I can now push my changes without any problems.

You can actually use this tip to check for file sizes of folders and files inside a specific folder. If it’s too big, then it’s not for Git. Always remember to commit small files because it’s just a file repo, not a storage for your media goodies.

PS: The image above is just a picture of git in action from, not really related to this post.


It’s has been a long long time and the year will almost end again…

Oh crap, I almost forgot that I have a blog. I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog for so long since July 2012. I’ve been busy both online and offline, but I really forgot about this blog. Good thing while I was browsing my e-mail I read this e-mail from Godaddy that I registered Now, I’m happy that I’m here, blogging in my suppose-to-be finance blog, but turned into a personal blog.

I haven’t blogged a lot of things lately. A lot of things happened here in Singapore and in my hometown. A lot of things happened in the entire world. A lot of things happened to Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and other planets, but we don’t have an idea what happened there and we really don’t give a damn about what happens to another planet, other than our planet called Earth.
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The Last Day of February

A lot of things happened this month. I got approved in the Google Adsense program, I visited Pakistan for the first time and I’ve watched the whole first season of the new TV series in Fox called Terra Nova. I’m packing right now to visit my girl friend in Nuuk, Greenland.

Can’t wait to see her again. We haven’t seen each other for more than 8 months! That’s quite a long time and I missed her soo much! She’s a 4th year college student in the University of Greenland. If you’re curious about UG, you can check out their website at
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Just signed up with Adsense today!

Oh well, I just signed up with Adsense today because my friend Stephanie forced me too. Hahaha! She said that I can make money online with my blog. I’m not really sure about it and if it’s true, but it’s worth a try. I’ve been blogging for more than 4 years now and it’s not bad to give it a try.

I’ve been reading around the web that a lot of people are already making money with Google. I can’t really testify if those were true because I haven’t tried it myself. Crossing my fingers now and I hope my application gets approved. I just read all the web guidelines and technical guidelines (Whew that was pretty long indeed), and I’m confident that my site qualifies to be part of the program.

If it didn’t qualify, maybe the reviewer is quite sleepy and made a big mistake by not accepting me. Oh well, good luck to me and I hope I can start making money online with

Right now I’m still waiting for the approval of my Adsense account. I really do hope I’ll get approved. The only thing that I’m worried is that my name is really common like John Doe or Muhammad, maybe they think that I signed up already a long time ago even if I didn’t. Oh well, I really hope that my account will be approved and I can try Adsense to prove that what everyone is saying is true about it.

Good luck to me!