Black is dark, so I’m changing to white, so that it will be light

Yes guys! I’m now white because it’s light. Black is dark and it’s a pain in the ass and in the eyes. People sometimes love black, but most people loves white. I want to be part of the majority, that’s why I turned black into white.

I recently changed my theme, if you’ve noticed. Studies show that 77% of people loves white pages, instead of black pages. Around 91.7% of websites around the world uses a white template with a white background, but not white texts. If everything else is white, nobody can read what’s written on a blog or a website.

The same thing applies when you have a black site. If you have a black website with a black background, you won’t use a black text right? Instead a white one, or a yellow one. Or any kind of color, as long as it’s not black.

But, that’s not what I want to talk about right now. I just want to share you some facts that most people prefer white than black.

And by the way, the stats that I mentioned above are just a wild guesstimate. It’s not based on any website or any book. It’s just a random fact, but not gibberish. Ok?

Will be blogging more about what’s interesting, not what’s not interesting sooner than you think. As of now, that’s all for now. But tomorrow, I don’t know If I’m going to blog tomorrow. Just subscribe to my blog and I will surely make your life a living hell. Anyway, I’m sarcastic. So please, don’t take what I said personally.

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