Monthly Archives: January 2012


Happy New Year Friends!

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. It’s new year once again and I want to greet you all a Happy New Year! I just came back from Singapore with my uncle Tom and cousins Tracey and Jen. Now we’re going to Boracay because we’re invited by my Titas and Titos (Mother’s side).

Oh well, I need to go back home to repack. We just arrived from Singapore literally! And here I am updating my blog again! Hahahahaha! Gotta get to the laundry shop and leave my clothes there and pack a new set of clothes again for Boracay. We’re going to Boracay, Bicol, and Bohol. I don’t know where we’ll go first, the itinerary is with my uncle.

I guess I have to take a sabbatical leave from blogging because I’m so tired of updating this blog. Nobody reads this anyway. But if ever I want to updat this blog, I’ll update this as often as I can. Right now, I just want to say, happy new year!