Monthly Archives: September 2011


Now it’s time to watch Contagion!

It has been a while since I posted about movies. I’ve been emo for the past few months and now it’s time to watch another blockbuster film. Everybody has been talking about Contagion. I really don’t have an idea what this movie is all about, I’ll just watch it and wait to be surprised.

I just heard that it’s about a virus and that’s it. Right now I’m just waiting for the movie to start. It’s really hard to blog using an iPad. I’m typing really slow, like 10 words per minute. Hahahah! Oh well, I’ll soon type faster using this device. It’s really hard typing on a touchscreen.

We’ll I’ll not be using this more often that my laptop. I’ll just use this outside because it’s convenient to bring anywhere compared to my laptop.

That’s all for tonight, I have a movie to catch!