Monthly Archives: August 2011


Should I keep on going or should I let go?

The art of letting go. How can you let go if you cannot. It’s really hard to let go of someone who has been etched into your heart and is mentally and emotionally attached to you. Letting go requires a lot of horse power, a lot of electricity, a lot of emotional strength. It’s not that easy to let go if it’s true. If it’s real. If it’s from the heart.

You can easily erase it. We’re mere humans and we’re not hard drives that you can easily reformat and reboot without tiny bits of data left. Being a human is really hard. Being a robot is easier. How I wish I can be a robot someday. I really want to be a robot.

I can’t sleep easily and I can’t stop thinking of her. She’s over me but I’m not over her. Doing other time consuming stuff and activities won’t help. It really doesn’t help me. I’ve been going to any places, but still, I can’t get over her. I had sex with a lot of different girls, but I still can’t get over her. She’s always on my mind, every time I wake up and I close my eyes, she’s everywhere I go, she’s all I know. Though she’s so far away. It just keeps getting stronger every day. And even now she’s gone. I’m still holding on

Oh well, emo me! Hahaha!