Monthly Archives: July 2011


Wow! Look at me! Am I that crazy?

I realize just now that I have a DID! Yep, I have a dissociative identity disorder! I think I’m crazy! I’ve been writing about love and heartaches over the past few months. Wow, that’s not me! Maybe somebody hacked into my blog and wrote it. It’s not me It’s not me!

But, hey it’s me. I have DID you know? Hahaha! I’m crazy. I’m damn crazy. I love her. I’m so in love with her. Love makes you crazy. That’s why there are song that says it’s crazy to be in love and I love you like crazy. There are a lot of crazy love songs, and people who are falling in love are crazy!

Just like me. I’m crazy right now! Extremely crazy! I’m crazy for you Jessica! I want you back! You know who you are!