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Jessica, May, and Grace

Jessica, May, and Grace are my 3 high school crushes. And the 3 of them are my classmates. The 3 of them are born in May! The 3 of them are born on the same day, May 9, 1985! I just wanna say Happy Birthday to Jessica, May and Grace! Happy Birthday girls! Looking forward to kiss the 3 of you again.

My first kiss was with Jessica when I was in first year high school. It was my very first kiss and I can’t forget how sweet it was. Jessica became my girl friend for a week. We’ve been kissing day and night, before going to school and before going home after school. We broke up after 1 week, because she caught me kissing May. Yep, I’m so stupid, I kiss my other crush while we were together.

So now, May and I are together. May was my second kiss. She’s my girlfriend for 2 weeks. Yep, we only lasted for 2 weeks. She’s really pretty and I really like her. She looks like Odette Yustman and Megan Fox. She’s so hot and I hope I can marry her someday. But good things never last long. We broke up after 2 weeks because she caught my kissing Grace.

Damn, I’m so evil. I wasn’t contented to stick to one. I’ve been kissing a lot of girls left and right, that’s why it was my fault the our relationship ended. After a few days, Grace and I are together. She lasted for a month. She’s my girlfriend for 1 month and we did a lot of things together. She’s prettier than May. She looks like Alessandra Ambrosio of Victoria’s Secret.

We did a lot of crazy and stupid things together and she was the one who took my… you know what I mean. We kissed a lot and did a lot of nasty things at home and at school. We did it inside the library, the principal’s office, and at the back of our classroom. We were so in love and we can’t think of anything else, but us.

But that didn’t last so long and it ended. Because she died after a month.

It’s a tragic sad story, but it’s true. Goodbye Grace. I love you.