Monthly Archives: March 2011


Crazy insane and stupid!

I just did something crazy! Wow, I never thought that I can do it myself, but hey, I already did it. I ate an Ice cream while walking blind folder at the top of LRT Line 2! Hahaha! Crazy wasn’t it? The guards are shouting at me telling me to go down or else they’ll shoot me.

What da heck? They are trying to kill me. I think they are crazier than me. They should talk me out and tell me to remove my blind fold and stop eating Ice Cream. But they didn’t do it. They said that they will shoot me, or else, Or else what? I didn’t here the next thing that the guard said.

I just went home and woke up and realize that it’s all just a dream!

Hahaha! I got cha right?