Monthly Archives: January 2011


It’s a brand new year for Financial Jerk!

Wow! It’s January 2011! It’s another brand new year for a brand new me! I just came back from Singapore! My cousins and I had a really great vacation there! I really had fun and I hoping to visit Singapore again! I really love that place! I’ve been taking pictures and shopping all day long.

Bought some blu-ray discs at Funan to watch here on my crib. Hmmm.. What should I watch first? I have some really good blu-ray films here that I bought. I got Bourne Trilogy, X-men Trilogy, Ocean’s Trilogy, Star Wars 1 to 6, 300, Enemy of the States, and a whole lot more.

I guess I’ll just watch X-men first and experience in if full 1080p glory!