Monthly Archives: August 2010


I don’t know why, but this movie is fun!

Hahaha! I’m laughing out loud while watching this film. From the start til the end, it’s really fun. If you haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, you better watch it! This film is based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Oni Press comic book of the same name.

Michael Cera’s performance is awesome! He’s so funnnnyyy.. He’s perfect to be Scott Pilgrim. Hahahaha! Just watch the movie and you’ll laugh out loud like me.

Now, gotta reserve a blu-ray disc of this film so that I can watch it at home again and again and have fun! Hahahaha! Geez, I can’t get over it. I think I’m experiencing LMS, or Last Movie Syndrome. Hahahaha!

Watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World! This movie is really better than Super Bad!