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4th Mission Impossible film is coming soon!

Yes, they are back! My favorite movie series is back and will rock the world again. The release date of this film is December 16, 2011. That’s just a year from now. I can’t wait to watch the next Mission Impossible film.

This is Tom Cruise’s 4th MI film. Obviously. The last MI film was 2006. Wow! It took 5 years before the next installment was announced! I really really can’t wait to watch this film. I read some entertainment sites that they will be filming in The Kremlin at Moscow and in Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

And oh, Jeremy Renner will also be in this film! I really love his 2008 film entitled the Hurt Locker. I bet he will do great in Ghost Protocol.

I hope this will be better than MI 1, 2, and 3!