Monthly Archives: January 2010


It’s 2010 it’s a brand new year!

Another year of sadness, another year of fun! This year is another year of awesomeness. So what’s the big news today? I read at Al Jazeera that North Korea calls for the end of hostilities with the United States and a nuclear free Korean Peninsula. On BBC, a Cambodian court issues an arrest warrant for opposition leader Sam Rainsy. Why? For failing to turn up at court over a border dispute with Vietnam.

Hmmm.. Been reading news there and here. I just wanna share it with you guys. On my personal life, ahmmmm.. I had a crash named Odette. She’s so cute and cuddly, because she’s a dog. A cute girl dog. She’s an Airedale Terrier from England. I’m so in love with her and I always feed her whenever she’s hungry. She’s a gift from my best friend Louie.

Wanna know more about Odette? Odette is an Airedale Terrier. It’s a breed of the terrier type that originated in Airedale, a geographic area in Yorkshire, England. Airedale is the King of Terriers because it’s the largest of the terrier breeds.

If you want to know how Odette looks like, just Google Airedale Terrier!

Happy new year everyone!