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And hey! The title is Wilson!

And oh my goodie good shoes. Tonight’s House episode is entitled Wilson, my favorite House character! Haha! This is 10th episode of the 6th season. This episode is uniquely centered on Wilson and a day in his life. I’m gonna talk about House again, oh well. Here’s a brief summary of this episode.

This episode started at 6:30am when House woke up Wilson by playing his guitar and singing “Faith” by George Michael. At this time Wilson is preparing for work, but he’s not getting ready to go to work, and this made House curious.

Wilson explains that he is not going to work because he is taking his day off to go hunting. He returns to bed but is followed by House who states that the person Wilson is going hunting with is a “self-important jerk” who does not even know his name. Haha! House is really funny! Anyway, Wilson ignores House and goes back to sleep.

The following day… Oh, you need to watch this episode. I’m not gonna say everything here! Download House S06E10 in 720p in your favorite Torrent sites now!


So Why Financial Jerk?

Oh yeah. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 months now and I still didn’t write anything about my blog, my blog’s title and why is my blog called Financial Jerk? I’m a jerk at managing my finances, and I want to share anything about it in the online realm.

Just like World of Warcraft, where the iron balls hit the panoramas of oblivion. Oh, there it is again, I’m talking nonsense. My blog’s title and domain should be nonsense blogger, but someone else already took that name! Oh, I hate that guy or girl, whoever that is. I should be the well-known nonsense blogger. But hey, somebody got it first! It’s not like where in the Medieval times wherein we can take whatever we want as long as we’re more powerful that the one who got there first.

As Joan of Arc said, let there be light. And hey, there was light! But Joan of Arc did not say that. God said!

SO why financial jerk? Hey, I already answered that question ok?