Monthly Archives: October 2009


I don’t know why and you don’t know why…

I’ve been watching blu-ray movies since yesterday with my friends Mincy and Joyce. They went here in my crib yesterday and they’ve been bogging my all night long. Now, I don’t know what to do because I’m bored while waiting for them to go home next week.

Oh man! They will be here for more than a week! I can’t take it anymore! Hahaha! Well, forgive me for my rants. I’m just ranting because I don’t know what to do right now. Good thing they are not tech savvy nor reading my blog. I bet it will take them years or forever before they can read my rants about them.

Ok, right now they are watching “The War Within”. I’ve watched it for like, 5 times? Oh hell, I don’t wanna watch it again. I even memorize everything. Almost every line that the suicide bomber said, I have it all in my head.

Hopefully, my cousins will go home by next week. I’m excited to be alone again. I’m really not used to having visitors in my pad. Oh gotdam… I’m soooo boredddddd!!

I wish I have my own TV in my room so that I can play all I want! Gotta save more for another flat screen!