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September, Gran Turismo, and House

It’s September and it’s just another month for everyone. That everyone includes me. I love September because September is the month that I really love. I know I’m talking nonsense here, but I just want to talk about something, or else, I will talk about nothing. Right now, I’m watching House. Yep, another House episode. It’s the 6th season of House, it means I’ve been watching this series for 5 years already.

But wait, I didn’t start watching House 5 years ago. I just started watching House last year. Yep, just last year and I’m trying to keep up with the latest episode. I’ll be spending more than an hour watching House today because the premiere episode of Season 6 contains 2 episodes. I just read somewhere that this season premiere ranked 1 in

After watching this episode, I’ll play another Gran Turismo Prologue. Been waiting for the full version of this game, but I guess it will take the Japanese programmers more than a year to make the full GT5 perfect.

Happy September everyone!