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Guess who’s back?

It’s me, the one and only Financial Jerk in the world wide web. I’m a self proclaimed financial geek and bloggers and I really don’t blog about finance, just random not-so-important stuff about myself, and anything that comes into my mind. Just minutes ago, I started a new blog, yes a new blog in this blog, because my database got lost. Good thing I had a backup from 10 months ago and I was able to restore it here. Most of my posts are gone for the past 10 months, that’s why the latest post before this post was last January 2015.

Anyway, I’m back in the blogging world again and I’ll start being a jerk once more! Hell yeah!


A Jerk in git

I’m new to Git and I’m having fun using it. Recently I encountered a git push out of memory problem and I’m pretty pissed off because I don’t know what to do. I tried pushing and pushing it again, but no can do. I also tried to create a new repo and then copied all my files to the folder, then tried to push the repo again to my Bitbucket account, but still, it’s out of memory.

Good thing I found that post that I linked above and it solved my problem. There was just one zipped file that has a 2GB size. I just removed it and I can now push my changes without any problems.

You can actually use this tip to check for file sizes of folders and files inside a specific folder. If it’s too big, then it’s not for Git. Always remember to commit small files because it’s just a file repo, not a storage for your media goodies.

PS: The image above is just a picture of git in action from, not really related to this post.


Saving more money by sleeping longer

Have you ever imagined that you can save money by sleeping longer? Logically and technically, you can save more money by sleeping the whole day, or the entire week. You don’t need to spend anything, you don’t need to eat, or buy stuff that you really don’t need when you’re awake. Sleeping can give you rest and give you extra savings.

Increase your sleeping time from 8 hours to 16 hours a day can save you more money. You can just eat once a day, skip breakfast and dinner. You can just have a light lunch, then sleep again. If you’re working 8 hours a day, you can sleep 16 hours a day. You can find a job that will let you work around an hour per day or 2 to 4 hours per day. The rest of the day, you just need to sleep to avoid unnecessary expenses when going out, strolling around the mall, or just travelling anywhere.

Sleeping can give you energy and give you a lot of rest. So why wake up if you can save money by sleeping? Let’s sleep everyday and put more time to sleep that being awake.

Saving is sleeping. Sleeping is saving. More savings when you sleep more, less savings when you sleep less. That’s a fact.


The recent but very late WordPress update

I haven’t been updating this blog as often as I dream. I dream almost everyday, whenever I sleep. But when I wake up, I completely forget everything that I dream of. It’s a usual fact and reality that humans often forget what they dream at night, rather than at day. Some (only a rare few, as in very scarce) recalls 100% of what happened inside their dream. But a lot completely forgets about their dream once they wake up.
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The year has just started and will end so fast!

Oh yes! Oh no! The year has just started and it seems that I just fell asleep for a few days, and it’s already October! Yes guys! It’s already October 2013! 2 months from now, the year will finally end. 2013 is just like nothing but a mere cat running so fast, that you didn’t notice it. It’s clever and utterly unseen. It’s like a vanquish catastrophe of self-worth and anatomy.

We have built, seen, and heard, the ravishing facts of mankind, and today, it will come to an end. As fast as the wind blows to the east, is from the west, so far that it didn’t even felt right. It all felt wrong. The year is so wrong, THIS year is so wrong, everybody seems to wrong.

In the end of everything, money still matters, but for now. Soon, it will just be another useless piece of matter. A matter that nobody wants to have. A matter that should be eliminated in the table of elements.

Thank you and this is the Financial Jerk, speaking nonsense, in tongues and in deed, and in mind. In my mind is a gibberish puzzle of words and pictures. Pictures like the intersect, photos from multiple intersects jumbled together like a warzone.